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Oct 15 '12
Oct 15 '12

RAP NEWS: Obama vs Romney - Presidential Debate

Oct 12 '12
Oct 5 '12
Sep 24 '12
Sep 16 '12
Sep 11 '12

We All Quit or We All Lose

Ok, I feel like Im beating this drum until its become monotonous pounding. But to all my liberal friends out there, the way to win the game is not to try to beat the other side at it or to stop playing entirely. The way for everyone to win is to make sure we all stop playing this stupid game, liberals and conservatives TOGETHER.

Dont vote for the lesser of two evils. Dont not vote and give up ground to the other side. But do make sure they realize how we all get played by these stupid shenanigans and together lets flip the parties and vote in some new blood. “If we can’t sit at the table then lets knock the fucking legs off!”

3RD PARTIES 2012!!!

Sep 9 '12

Romney vs Obama - Same Issues, Same Answers!

Universal Healthcare……check

Economic Stimulus…..check

More drilling……check


Bank Bailouts…..check

Patriot Act……check

Sep 2 '12
Dont really agree with the sentiment but I do like the picture

Dont really agree with the sentiment but I do like the picture

Aug 30 '12